About Dr. Green

History of our Practice

Our practice originated with Dr. Green's father, Dr. Marvin Green, in 1954. The elder Dr. Green retired in the early 1990's and passed away in December of 1999. We are certain that if he could see the clean and spacious modern facility that has become home to the practice he began over 50 years ago, he would be very pleased.

Dr. Green

Dr. Green has been a full time practicing general dentist since his 1986 graduation from the Temple School of Dentistry. Over the years he has had the privilege of treating thousands of patients. More than 2 decades of experience performing thousands of procedures has given him great insight into providing comfortable and gentle quality care.

Donna, Office Manager

Donna has been our office manager since 1994. Her friendly demeanor will help make your visit to our office a pleasant experience. Donna handles all the scheduling and financial arrangements. If you have dental insurance, her expertise will help you maximize your benefits.

Sue, Dental Hygienist

Sue's sunny disposition will make your hygiene visit a pleasure. Her many years of experience have allowed her to develop a gentle and thorough technique.

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